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Quality Control & Safety

Statement of Safety:

Black Diamond adheres to the highest safety protocol in the oilfield industry, and through a collaborated effort with its customers and vendors, Black Diamond continually improves and updates its safety policies and procedures. The personal safety and health of each employee are of primary importance. Management provides and supports all mechanical and physical services required for personal safety and health.

Black Diamond maintains a safety and health program adhering to the best practices of both the company and the oil and gas industry. The company maintains that a successful program that demonstrates the proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention for all on-site supervisors and employees, and requires total cooperation on all safety and health matters. On-site cooperation is crucial to a sustainable and effective safety program and Black Diamond is committed to this objective.

Statement of Quality:

Black Diamond strives to exceed the requirements of its customers as well as API and DS1 industry specifications for quality and performance. The business continually develops and maintains a preferred-provider relationship with the industry’s best manufacturers of drill pipe, tubing, and support equipment. Through proven results and continuous improvement, Black Diamond maintains an effective management system that meets or exceeds industry standards and provides customer satisfaction in a safe and quality work environment.

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